So currently I am still in office and I am blogging now.

Just had a very interesting conversation with my supervisor, about the different people you meet when you go out to work. Granted, my supervisor is only 27 and has only worked for 5 years, but I think what he said resonated with me.

When I go out into the working world, I’ll probably meet lots of weird people and probably getting backstabbed and so on. But for now, maybe I just want to be a student and chill a little.

This sudden thought came into my mind after finishing the conversation with my supervisor. I think I just want to live and let live, and I want people around me to be happy with their choices or just generally happy with their lives. How often do you meet people who you can talk to? Granted, some people do stupid things, but once in awhile, I can actually find it in my epic self to forgive and let it go.

Killing people with your kindness is till better than killing yourself with the hatred that you have in your heart.


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