This is not something that I have recently discovered, but it is just something that I have thrown to the back of my mind so as not to remind myself of it cause it isn’t considered an extremely nice thought.

For starters, I have realised how egoistic people can be. I can see no intention of repairing relationships when I myself have conducted a meeting which obviously is a big hint that something needs to be done. What’s with the ignoring and not replying of messages anyway?! Not cool, dude. 

Next, I do not get the thinking that people think that having an experience at a younger age is better. Excuse me, just because you are going through it 3 years older than me does not mean that you lose out. And likewise, just because I am 3 years younger I can’t be matured to think things through carefully. This is one of the most retarded excuses that I have heard from people regarding my leadership position and capabilities. 3 years younger and having this experience and having it 3 years later, what’s the difference?! We both still get the same experience and I really think that is all that matters: the experience, no?

And next, I do not get what is wrong with people’s brains because dude, if a see zombies going for your brain, I would totally stop them because I wouldn’t want them to eat your dysfunctional brain and fall ill or something and not cause you’re worth it. C’mon is working towards a common target that hard? Is it that hard to try to work with someone that you do not like? Seriously, I’m sure you’ve had much more experience than me in terms of working with people and you cannot get this reasoning straight?!

I know I shouldn’t be saying this but I really feel that I have such a childish team that is not even considering the big picture and I have to be the big mama and go around scolding. And then this whole thing flips itself on me and people say that I’ve been too harsh on people. Seriously, fuckers? Since when has being childish been the norm for 22 or 23 year olds? While I have backed off since, I better pray that I see something being done, because having idiots as leaders just don’t cut it for me. 


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