It’s been a little more than a month since school has started and I think it has been a little more than 3 months since I have decided to step up and take the position. And through these few months I think I have learnt quite a bit.

Firstly, I can be fiercely protective of my own work. But at the same time I have felt that I am being pulled both ways. But the main point of this post (yes, gonna be another rant) is that I dislike having double standards.

I dislike people who show me some attitude just because they can’t agree with what I stand for. Yes, I do not condone such behavior and hence, I stand up for myself and protect the rights of my people this way. If I can’t even take pride and protect my committee’s work, who will?  And if it was some other person who requested for you, the response would definitely have been different. 

Yes, it can be a happy family. But I have seen some of the worst people in my entire Uni life in that place as well. It is my fault that I am not perfect and that I can’t match up to the standard that some idiot has set and that it is my fault, once again, that I am not outspoken enough to be considered a good worker. 

And again, I disagree that first impression is everything and that one’s first impression determines the work ability of a person. Yes, first impression does matter, but the work ability of a person can’t be seen until after you have given a person work. I am so annoyed at this fact because I thought everyone has already gotten past the age of judging by looks, but apparently, no. 

I am confident that I myself can do it (self-efficacy) and also because I have already done it. I have done what you thought I couldn’t achieve and I have also done what I thought I couldn’t achieve. I’ve shown to myself that I can step up and do whatever needs to be done as long as I have the heart and passion to do it. 

You telling me you don’t need to prove anything to anyone doesn’t hold any weight, because you yourself don’t live by it. And your actions have told me that I obviously have to do more to prove to everyone else that I can do it. Don’t worry, I won’t fall so easily and this year is going to be the best year that you have ever seen, because I am going to prove to everyone else that I can do it. 

And so _|_. Screw you and your opinions. I don’t need them. 


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