I fell in love in 10 days

I fell in love in 10 days.

I love how people on the streets are so friendly, stopping by to talk to you and ask you how is your day. I love the brunch and coffee culture there. 

I love how everyone walks everywhere even though it is a distance anyway. I’m in love with how the streets are clean not because it is the default due to laws, but because people are considerate. 

I love how people smile at you because it’s the norm. I love the self check out at supermarkets. I love how the walls are filled with graffiti because people can draw where they like. 

But most of all, what I love is the freedom I have while I’m travelling. I love how I do things that I wouldn’t normally do just because I can.

Second time climbing a mountain. First time going for a bush walk (to add on, slipping and falling off the giant stairways, how often do you have that?!). First time getting lost in a forest. First time having the police called to rescue me out of the forest. First time sleeping at a backpackers. First time driving on Australian roads. First time in a casino. First time having my luggage bag ripped on a trip. First time having raw scallop, prawn, sea urchin, abalone and also having fresh oysters (definitely suffering from the consequences now though). First time jet boating.

So many first times for me. I fell in love with all my first times though they were pretty crazy. Especially jet boating. That 30 minutes worth of ride has got to one of the most enlightening one. It was a really good ride and on it all I was thinking was: This is the life that I should be leading. Why am I so bothered by people who do not care a shit about me? 

Definitely feeling the post trip hangover and the thing that I realised is that… travelling alone not only gives you the freedom to do whatever you want (legally of course), but it also heals you spiritually. 

I’m going to miss you, Melbourne and Sydney.


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