As I close the last piece of work which should be done, a myriad of feelings overcame me. 

No more opening of excel sheets every other day. 

No more of worrying about balances and tallies.

No more panic attacks

No more of figures which makes me go crazy.

No more of spending hours to work things out.

No more filling of forms and printing them. And getting it wrong, correcting it, and reprinting them again. 

Just feeling nostalgic over the work I have done for the past one year. And boy, am I proud of you. While I am happy that I have completed this huge task on hand (even though I still have a little more to go, this still feels like the end), this sadness also washes over me because I’ll no longer be seeing this part of me which I have worked on for the past 1 year.

Happy to see you go, but sad to let go. What an irony. 


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