“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

One was just a man so devoted in love and ignored everything else. The other, Daisy, who is high up in societal class and unreachable by Gatsby.

After watching it, I realized how much it could be applied to the modern life yet again. We yearn for the love that we cannot get and we sacrifice so much for it. And yet, the other party, just like the unreachable Daisy, remains non-committal to the whole relationship. 

Through the movie, I thought that Gatsby was being a hopeless romantic by going after Daisy even though she is already married. Gatsby knew that Daisy was of a different class and knew that he had to do something to match up to her and he did it, albeit illegally. Throughout the whole movie, everything was centered on getting Daisy back to his side. 

What made me realize the cruelty of the social divide was probably at the end of the movie where Gatsby took the blame for Daisy and when he died, Daisy did not even go to his funeral. Daisy chose to ignore the feelings that she had and stayed with what she was comfortable with. And in the end, Nick was the only person at Gatsby funeral.

There are times when we are so caught up in what we want that we choose to ignore the advice of other people. We do so many things to capture the attention of the person we like and consequently, we want them to love us back. We try and try and try. But I guess sometimes things just ain’t worth trying anymore and yet, we still go on, hoping that someday our Daisy will come around and love us back. 

Sometimes, as the person in that situation, we ignore the obvious signposts that we should have seen. It sure feels frustrating when both parties can get what each other are talking about. Nick did hint to Gatsby that he can’t get the past back. Albeit the very big hint, Gatsby was still very caught up with what he wanted and he was sure that he would get Daisy back to the very end, and up to the point where he sacrificed his life for her.

I guess, as what they say, love does kill. 


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