The other day, my friend was trying to find out how my life would go and mainly he told me I am a lucky person. Initially all I thought was: this is weird. I’ve never felt lucky. Whenever I pray for good results, I get the worst results I imagined.

But after running it through my mind for a few days, I do agree that I am a lucky person. In fact, I can say that I am a very very lucky person.

For one, I have hardly done any housework. I do some, but for staying in a big house, I should do a lot more and I’ve been doing so little. Next comes the fact that I stay in a terrace house. It’s lucky because there is a large group of Singaporeans that might not get to stay in an actual house for their whole lifetime (just stating matter of factly). 

Next comes my family. I don’t have the perfect family, but I am lucky to have 2 parents and a sister. I’m lucky to have a home, a bed, many soft toy, money to buy whatever I want or need, any cards given to me because I’m trusted with it, the freedom to go out as long as I am responsible and take care of myself.

Following it is my friends. In every step of my life, I’ve met great friends that I would willing keep for several lifetimes (if I had them). I’m not an extremely sociable person at times and I wouldn’t blame it if people avoided me. But I’ve found people who stick by me through thick and thin and every other day, I do wonder, what did I do to deserve such friends. Other than my group of great friends, I’ve also realised that I am a very lucky person because whenever I ask someone for help, even though we’re kinda just mere acquaintances, people have helped me as much as they can and this is something which I’ve felt that I’m extremely lucky to have.

Another thing would be setbacks. I’m glad that I have experienced all the setbacks that I have experienced. Lucky in fact. People say don’t grow up too fast, because growing up has it’s own problems. Having gone through certain things, this is why I realised that growing up has it’s pains and I’ve learnt to deal with it in my way. I’ve learnt to see things in a different perspective (hopefully) and recognise that there are just some things that I have to deal with and that is part of growing up as well. Always feel that my mind is probably a few years older than my age and I guess sometimes it shows through my words and actions (and yes, probably on my face as well).

Subsequently, I’ve also realised that somehow I make the right big decisions in life. I go into them very uncomfortably but I think I always come out of them stronger and becoming a better person. I don’t always know what I want, but what I do know is that I want to be a better and stronger person every day. 

And here we are, halfway into 2013. It’s been quite a good half I can say. I can’t say I am always happy, can’t say that I am always contented and not grouchy. But I think I can say, I like who I have become and this has been a hell of a good journey. Maybe I’ve been stuck in an unhappy black hole for a few years and maybe, just maybe, this is my lucky break to get out of it. Much as I didn’t want to admit, I haven’t felt this happy with myself and who I have become for a very very long time. 


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