There was this day where I was having a conversation with my friend, talking about what would make me happy. And I guess at that point in time, I realised I wasn’t really that unhappy at all. I wasn’t happy either, and so I guess I could just say that I am contented with what I have. 

I guess what I really realised that through this one year is that everyone is insecure with who they are. And I am an insecure person as well. But this past few weeks have proven to me that I am worth more than I know and I shouldn’t be putting myself down all the time. 

Sure, I can have strict standards with myself, but there are definitely times where I should cut myself some slack. I can’t always be on the ball and not have any space for me to relax. I should also stop judging myself all the time. It’s fine to have a bad day or two (or maybe ten). But in all due respect, I need to relax, live and let live.

I can’t promise that I will be like this all the time. But what I can safely promise is that I’ll try my best to feel satisfied with what I have and not try to yearn for more all the time. 


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