Simple pleasures in life

Woke up to a day full of work and things to do. But being the social media addict I am, I went to twitter (yes, even before I fully wake up and wash up) and read this piece of anonymous work and this sentence just struck me.

“It doesn’t matter who you love. All that matters is that you can love.”

Love. A simple word which many of us see every other day. But what exactly is love? How do you love? Is there really such a thing in the world where it strips you down to your main core essence and then makes you happy?

I went to watch Wild Rice’s The Importance of being Earnest and these 2 best friends had to maintain fictitious identities to escape social obligations and find love. It was a really good play despite my minimal interest in plays and even though it was written  more than 100 years ago, I thought it really still reflects a lot about our society now.

In this society, we are all bound by our social obligations. As men, you protect the ladies and the ladies are always portrayed as the weaker party, needing protection. In front of certain groups of people, there are certain etiquette to follow. After watching the play and internalizing it, I just felt a pang of sadness. Love, being a simple pleasure which everyone would want to enjoy, never comes easy and many a times, we’re still bound by obligations which we have to maintain.

Does it matter who we love? Is there ever an inappropriate person to love?


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