What constitutes a good friend?

What do you see in a friend? Is it care for you or is it the ability to talk non-stop for hours? Or is it the ability to clique with one another? 

Sometimes I don’t know what constitutes a good friend. I don’t know what would be a good gauge, but just go along with what I deem fit and learning lessons along the way. 

There are times when you want the best for your friend, but somehow things just don’t go your way and they mistake it for you being possessive or jealous. But really, you just want your friend to be happy and not get hurt. It’s hard to communicate it across because it is easy to be blinded by what you want and not see it clearly. It’s even easier to want to enforce your ideals on your friend because you know the exact outcome of a situation. 

Being a good friend sometimes just entails letting your friend get hurt and not doing anything. Because by intervening, you’ll be deemed an unsupportive friend and eventually, being friends with this other person seem more and more like a distant thing in your past. And sometimes, being a good friend also entails letting your friend “go”, distancing yourself from your friend so your friend can do whatever they deem fit and best for themselves, because afterall, who are we to judge what is good enough for another person? Your ideals would definitely be inherently different to another person’s ideals. 

So live and let live. Those who really matter won’t mind and those who mind won’t really matter. Afterall, there are 7 billion people in the world and the world is your stage, go out and make new friends!


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