Alcohol. An organic compound in which the hydroxyl function group is bound to the carbon atom.

But also a product that can be consumed and when consumed in large quantities, crazy things happen. 

I have realised that alcohol is such a powerful item to be in control of. The more you consume it, the better you feel about it, and also the more you can accept the taste and the notion of consuming it. You don’t need a reason for wanting to drink. It could be a happy occasion, so you drink bubbly or wine. You could be upset for some reason and just want to do something out of the ordinary to sooth your sorrows. It could be a socialising tool, a catalyst to edge you on to talk to people. It could also be a powerful potion – a truth potion. 

While it is a powerful tool to have, it is also essential to be able to use it wisely. I don’t advocate drinking, but I know there are days where getting semi-drunk seems like a good idea. Maybe life has been harsh on you, and maybe you just want to do something crazy once in awhile.

Drinking has become just another activity to me. Many disapprove of ladies drinking so much, but honestly, I think this is just another way which the ladies can be on par with the gents, albeit a bad comparison factor. I don’t necessary need a reason to drink. Half the time I drink because I just feel like drinking. It’s becoming a bad habit, but its a habit I would gladly keep for now.

Drinking kind of keeps me in check. After a night of drinks and spewing whatever stupid secrets or past which I should not have spilled out, I might not feel better. In fact I may feel uneasy about it. This uneasiness is a reminder of how I should be more tight-lipped about the happenings in my life. But nevertheless, it is still a good reminder. It reminds me of how much of a sorry being I am and hence, how much more I have to work. 

So no matter what drinks I get, be it whisky/vodka/beer/cider, I’m glad that they are there for me. And it makes me feel better for just that one day. Even though its just one day out of the many many days that I have, it is enough. 


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