Will I really miss this?

When something big happens in your life, what happens to you after it ends?

It changes you, for the better or for the worst. 

Every year, I meet a friend. A friend that I would like to keep for life. Maybe not just one friend, maybe like 2 or 3 in a year. I treasure these people I keep because I know truly how hard it is to be my friend. 

When I meet with a crisis and I get thrown into full blown panic, it is my friends that I look to. Whenever I need someone to share my joy with me, I look to my friends as well. Despite all these, I’m definitely way too harsh on people and I don’t blame people from distancing themselves away from me. 

But it’s also through this that I know, those that stick around are those that truly care for me and will go through hell with me. I’m definitely upset that I will lose friends. So upset that I know I’m gonna regret it. And probably already regretting it this very minute. 


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