1. Just because I don’t say anything, does not mean that I am happy with doing it. I want to emphasize that words do affect other people more than we all think. You may unintentionally say something, but it may hit right on the spot on how someone feels. I don’t like how this group of people is treating me and if I could, I would give a resignation letter and throw it in their face and say I give up on all of you. For all your screwed up moments and exclusive moments. For saying that I’m a bro, when actually, none of you give a damn whether I attend meetings or not. For that, I would gladly say that I don’t want to belong to that group and that I would rather step out and just follow other groups.

2. I get in a horrid mood when I don’t have enough sleep. And when I’m angry and decide to sleep it off, I get more angry when I wake up. Sleep just doesn’t relieve me of the burning anger that I have anymore. My face can turn from being awesomely happy to pure anger after a short sleep. So watch out and don’t anger me because I will lash out at you no matter how nice you are to me.

3. My workload is crazy and I have no one to turn to for help once again. I don’t know what I can do and what I can’t do. Thankfully, I have people who feels the same way as me and yes, we’re all bashing and bitching about the same person together now. 


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