Today is Tuesday and it is officially the week day that I dislike the most now. One of the reason why I am feel this angst build up in me is because I had 9 hours of lessons and I am so damn exhausted that I think I am going to crash soon.

I get that some work has no choice but to be done really last minute and on a tight deadline. But really? Did you not in any inch of that brain of yours that I really have a lot of things to complete? For example like pulling up my grades? Did me whining non stop that I have 9 hours of lessons today with so little break not make you realise how tired I will be the next day?

And did you not realise how much I have to rush for these 2 days just so that I can complete my own work and the work you allocated to me? Was it just so difficult for you to understand that I needed time to do my own work and so I had to rush through all the allocated work? 

You can continue talking about how in the past it was my duty and how they were so charming that they got help from others. But fuck you, that was them and this is me. Did they get a GPA so fucking lousy that they can’t even go for exchange?

I am happy doing all these work. But sometimes I just think what my friend said was right. Just say fuck it, it’s not as if anyone will appreciate you doing it for them. 

I am so damn stressed over my work and all I can do is just sit here and type this rant out on my blog and do nothing about it. I choose not to say anything right in your face because I still sincerely believe that it is my duty even though I have trouble coping right now. 

So no thanks to you, I am still struggling so hard right now. What a trying day it has been.


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