The quiet chaos (04/12)

I have been listening to New York by Snow Patrol. I think its a really beautiful song. Simple words, but huge in emotion.

You may be surrounded by people in this world, but you can feel so lonely in your heart. Its always hard to be alone when you see people existing happily, and also when you see people just being happily together.

You feel that you need to be happy too. There’s so much to be thankful for, but you don’t know whether you should actually be happy for it. But that’s alright, being unhappy, being imperfect is sort of being happy too. Being yourself, laughing when you get the chance too, is also sort of being happy.

I guess its really the quiet happiness you find in yourself when you’re satisfied with everything in your life. You don’t show it off, but there is this spring in your step, this glow on your face, because everything actually fits perfectly in your life right now.

It took me a while to get there and I also learnt a few, okay strike that, many life lessons when other people my age are just happily ignorant of everything. 

Things will never be simple, there’s always a catch in life. But honestly, there is nothing you can do but push through it. Its a ‘duh’ answer and everyone knows that when life gives you lemons, you endure through the sour taste of it. But not everyone knows and swears to push through it. People fall deeply into dark abyss often.

I think cyber bullying is now a major thing everywhere around the world. It used to be verbal backstabbing. But now its on the internet where it stays there forever. I’m glad I pulled through the whole thing even though I did do pretty stupid things. I’ve actually read on a magazine that victims should never keep it to themselves but they should talk to someone about, a teacher or a best friend or a parent.

But adults are complicated. Teachers are adults as well. They have the power to do something to make someone feel better, but they don’t. They sometimes ignore the whole issue because it will disappear sooner or later. 

When you have the power to make a decision to change someone’s life, do it. Because if you don’t, you’ll never be able to do away with the guilt of being responsible for someone and yet had to see the person give up on himself. Don’t belittle small details. Because small details will probably turn into a bad decision in the future. 

I am glad I pulled through with the help of my friends, but honestly? It would probably make me feel better if I talked to an adult about it at that point in time. A small gesture to know that an adult knows and does care would be nice. Its not about not being able to do anything because you don’t believe that it will make a difference, it’s about whether you’re willing to go out of the way to help someone and ensure that the person is alright and pulling through fine. 

And so, to be honest, I will still blame it on you, even if everyone says that there is nothing that could be done. I don’t believe in nothing could be done, I only believe in the willingness to do something about it. 

I’m not as successful as many other people, but I know I am strong in what I stand for and what is right. My past will not dictate me, but your actions will probably dictate your future. (Sincerely, not the best student which bears a grudge against you.)


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