Social Networking – has it lost its attractiveness? (18/05/2012)

Facebook’s IPO is way below its initial predictions now. Maybe it has lost its attractiveness? Personally I don’t see the need to go on facebook to stay “connected”. I’m already pretty much connected to those that I want to keep in touch with. And honestly, I probably don’t know or haven’t exchanged greetings or words to about a quarter of my “friends”.

I read on somewhere that going on such social networking sites makes you more depressed with your life than you already are. Why? Because you view others as a lot more happier than you and you just look at your life and you just go fuck my life, why can’t I be as happy as those people? You overestimate other people’s happiness.

You don’t see people having pictures of themselves crying or being depressed. You see happy couples smiling, hugging. Happy people laughing their hearts out. People going out and enjoying what they are doing. You think to yourself, why am I not as happy? Why do other people lead much more interesting life? And why do they have such nice clothes? Wow, this chick looks so much better now.

And okay, I am sure it is a good place to stalk people. To check out how people are doing and how they have changed. But part of me thinks that its just a way of making the past tie me down, since the “friends” I have are probably from a period I wouldn’t want to know.

It’s true. I see a lot of people enjoying their life like there is no tomorrow, and I used to get jealous of them, especially when I was studying for A levels. Studying like there is no tomorrow and some other people are just running around, having fun with their life. I was so jealous of them and there was this build up of resentment, even though I probably was having more fun than them, just that I didn’t post any pictures of it.

I don’t need to show everyone how happy I am. I don’t need to let all my “friends” see where I went last Saturday or show off how lovey dovey me and my boyfriend are (Okay, I don’t have one, but in the future…) I don’t think I need people to like my status or photos or comment on them to make me feel good and that I’m actually worth something. Low self-esteem much?

Why would I need someone else’s confirmation to make me feel better? Feels good to be praised, but I don’t need false praises and fake people in my life. I don’t care for the people who don’t even give a damn about keeping in touch with me. If you really cared, you would probably speak to me at least once or twice in 2 weeks. Don’t really need to know people who have “too much work” to really spare time to catch up. I don’t deserve it and I’m pretty sure I don’t need that. 

This is the reason why I have so little friends. Not many people can stand me being so forceful and opinionated. I can’t stand being around people who just want to pour their hearts out to me, and when I need help, and the other party is always saying “Sorry, I’m actually busy” or “Just chill”. 

I’m sorry, do I need to immerse myself in ice cubes?

So, Facebook. I am done with you.


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