Poverty (01/12)

This is my first official post after being back.

So I was just think how lucky we kids are in Singapore. And we still complain a lot. We complain about not having the latest apple products, not having the latest fads, not having enough money, not having a boyfriend, not having enough time to be on the internet and so on…

But all these are small problems in our lives.

I’ve seen people survive on very little and work twice as hard as us. I’ve seen people who don’t have enough money to send their kids for medical treatment and for school. I’ve seen people who don’t even have computers and yet live in simple lives that are fufilling and enriching.

Maybe its the materialistic lifestyle in Singapore and maybe because we kids expect more since we have an increasing number of affluent parents. I see kids throw tantrums at their parents because they don’t want to study. I’ve seen kids throw tantrums because they can’t get what they want and in the end parents give in, because some of these kids are just that spoilt.

I’ve never grown up in that kind of environment. While yes, I don’t do much housework, I’ve never asked for much. An occasional watch, an occasional phone and clothes. 

Now that I’ve seen more of the world, I’ve learnt to work hard and expect less from others. 

Whenever I walk on the streets and see old ladies of about 40 plus, 50 selling dessert for a dollar (in RMB), I ask myself how much would they earn in a day. They start in the wee hours of the morning and work till the evening and yet they earn at most 50 RMB, which is equivalent to $10 sing dollars. 

So I tell myself, treasure every cent, every dollar. Save up for yourself and stop relying on others to pay for you. Time to really grow up and count our blessings.


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