So I dug up my 2011 post from somewhere far away and here it is. I dug up so many other posts also just to remind myself how much I still love writing and how I should continue to do it despite my busy schedule. Enjoy!

I’m here to do my annual end of year reflections. Basically I haven’t been posting much because I’m too lazy to post. And also because the weather is just too suitable to laze around in bed.

Okay. I’ve realised 2011 is actually a pretty okay year. No major shocks or events, except for the horrible A levels. But other than that, I guess it has been an uneventfully good year. I met new people, made new friends, deepen existing friendships, drew a clean line with people I didn’t want to talk to and yeah, basically tried to let go of the past.

Every ending is a new beginning. So 2011 is coming to an end. 2012 is coming. I hope next year will be a better year for me. I’ll meet more people, make new friends, go to a university, work, travel, exercise more and continue to deepen my friendships.

2012 is gonna be a great year.

So while I’m still in the 2011 mode and still in China, I’m just gonna rant on how much I miss Singapore food.

I miss my laksa, nasi lemak, pizza hut. Yes, I miss pizza hut. I miss my fish soup from the coffeeshop. I miss gongcha, I miss my sambal belachan, I miss my friends, talks at mac over coffee and tea.

But most of all, I miss the sunny weather.

Anyway, I’ll be back on the 6th. So that’s like a week from now!

And then, I’ll need to get a job, earn some money, go learn driving, go to town everyday because there will be very little people. Then I wanna go to bars and drink a little, party a little. Yeah, not really.

Main point is I miss Singapore. But then, it holds for me too much troubles and worries. So staying in China is a pretty good thing. I think in this one month, I’ve seen more things for myself, than my 2 years of JC education. Appreciating the beauty of nature and chinese culture.

Books can give you the knowledge you need, but experiencing things for yourself has its own true meaning.


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