I know it’s already 2013 and I am kinda late on my reflection of 2012, but I’m still gonna be writing about it.

2012 is the year which I went to university, went for interviews for CCA, made new friends in university, went for orientation camps, studied in school past midnight, worked as a telemarketer, tried studying french and german, drank much more than I expected, went to a club, listened to stereosonic, fangirled on kevjumba, wongfu, nigahiga, tutored kids, began my excessive use of twitter and whatsapp, repaired my laptop keyboard, listened to songs by new artists, did relatively well for A levels, exchanged my iPhone for a new one, returned to Singapore back from my tour in China, realised how much I love travelling

But 2012 is also the year which I realise how much I distrust people, how I got a less than average GPA, how I am still far from loving myself and how much more I have to work on my imperfections not because I want myself to be perfect, but because I want myself to be a better person.

And also, 2012 is the year which I met my old friends and never forgot about how important they are to me. 

2012 went past really really fast which scares me a little because as I grow older, I realise time passes way to fast and you don’t really take time off to smell the flowers anymore. I have also realised that I haven’t exactly found something that I am passionate about and can rave on and on about it to someone else. The only thing I’m mildly good at is probably dishing out philosophical conversations on happiness, trust and life issues. And even at that, no one can stand me being so emotional and chronically upset about life all the time. 2012 wasn’t a great year, but it wasn’t a bad year either. You see what I mean about being neutral? I can’t be passionate about something at all for some reason.

With that, 2012 is finally done with. The world didn’t end and 2013 is probably just going to go by just as fast. But hopefully my 20th year on Earth would end off better than my 19th year. 


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