I think half of this world needs to be less judgemental.

Okay I may be exaggerating. But come on. Not going for an outing on my part is none of your business. Not feeling close to people is none of your business too. And I can safely say I don’t think your reaction was necessary. 

I would like to attribute all of this mysteriousness, stubbornness, lack of trust for people to my horoscope. But then I know that partly it is my character too. People have asked me, I thought scorpios are opinionated? You don’t seem like a scorpio to me.

And in response to that, I would just smile and laugh. But truly I probably just want to be a bitch and say what is on my mind. Truly, I am an opinionated person and I have lots of thoughts about everything. But then I realise, I can’t actually say much because of who I’m with and how I don’t have limitless knowledge. I’m just not comfortable being opinionated with you. 

I blame Gossip Girl for turning me into my sort of old self again. And I can’t say I dislike my old self as much as I feel lousy for this new unopinionated self I have become. 


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