We accept the love we think we deserve.

How true. We only acknowledge what we feel is fitting for us. 

I finished reading perks of a wallflower and finished watching the first 4 episodes of Glee season 4.

And I have never felt more heart wrenching sadness in my life. 

Even though, they are all non-fiction, but I think they reflect a certain truth in them. You can’t expect someone to be with you, and cheat on them still. You can’t expect things to be alright because most of the time they aren’t and what we do is just tune the bad stuff out.

I am really not used to this life that I am having. Its like having waves and waves of massive exam attacks. And what’s worse is that everyone is so on their tip top condition and always doing their best. And all I do is keep making mistakes after mistakes after mistakes. I can’t focus and zoom in on the important things to do at all. What is happening to me, really?

I am actually really disappointed with what I am doing now to overcome all this. To some extent, all I want to do now is to have a week of rest or just a day of fun. I can’t remember the last weekend I didn’t have to study or didn’t have to be on my toes to settle my problems. I haven’t even shopped for my things in a long long time. All I want to do is take a break. 

But I’m too stressed to do anything now. Next week is going to be a horrible week with so many things to do again. Sigh. 


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