It has come to my attention that I have been too engrossed in work these few days. But while I am engrossed, I also realise I haven’t really learnt much, which is quite disappointing.

I have no idea why, but this notion of heart to heart talk seems very popular now. But also, it is probably one of the activities that I dislike the most because of the lack of sensitivity for other’s feelings. You can’t say something without hurting another person’s feelings, albeit unintentionally. Even though everyone takes it as a joke or have a laugh at it, I still think its a little hurtful.

You can’t use looks to determine everything. Sure, first impression forms based on looks, but not everyone is blessed with good looks. I think it has been years since I have not worried about looking my best, looking pretty, being thin and being well-liked. Every single day I think about how my weight, how my looks affects me in addition to money issues, lack of sleep, troubling school and project work.

You can’t rely on someone to provide you with happiness. Its only going to make you feel miserable when they leave. Days like these, makes me think back to how being attached has so many perks. But sadly, it makes me so irritated how the guys I meet are just so superficial.

So for now, work is still the most important.


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