I always used to think that if someone is your truest friend, they will help you no matter what. I still hold by this belief now though.

But humans are selfish, no?  Many people think for themselves first before others.

Excuses like I am busy, I am swamped with work, I have too much things to do.

Maybe you do have a lot of work to do. But to help someone you’re a friend with, isn’t that important too?

Someone told me to recruit people who you are friends with, because honestly, only your friends would come down and support you. Recruiting strangers would just result in people leaving because its difficult to stick around people you don’t know. But I realise, there are strangers that I can trust more than some of the “friends” that I have.

I’m not angry that my new friends can’t help me with it. Because they don’t know me that well yet. But friends of at least 4 years?

The sad truth is, all your friends leave you and ultimately you’re still alone.


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